Wednesday, 11 August 2021

V23.9e Change Log

Remember to load your save from the town square.


  • Using the leg sweep reversal on Feng and beating her like this now properly registers that you cum and sets your arousal to 0.
  • Getting Belle's brothel scene at work no longer makes you skip sleeping.
  • Shortened the filename of ChocolateMarshmallowTemptation.json to ChocoMallowTempt.json to prevent it from causing a crash if the game was nested in a buncha folders and stuff. Be sure to make a fresh install or delete the original ChocolateMarshmallowTemptation.json file if you are having this crash.
  • Venefica will now actually use her Marshmallowy Love skill when in sex and breast smother stances.
  • If Feng would orgasm the same time she would power herself up at low hp, she no longer does the scene powering up and instead just orgasms.
  • If you ask Cathy about having sexy, Heather will no longer be stuck looking worried during any lewd scenes with Cathy afterwards.
  • Fixed an event break in Venefica's Umbral Mania skill.
  • Fixed Venefica's sex loss scene defaulting to her normal one if Elly was still up.
  • Assorted typo and editing fixes.

Sunday, 8 August 2021

V23.9d Hotfix Change Log

Remember to update your save in town square.


  • The repeat perk removal scene for Stella is now actually properly linked and doesn't break the event still.
  • Fixed a crash in the unmarked chocobar scene.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

V23.9c Change Log

Remember to update your save in town square.


  • When working at the brothel, if you roll an easy shift at midnight, it will automatically make you sleep until morning, rather than having time advance to morning leaving without fully being healed.
  • Changed the background in the Venefica pet dream to be the forest so people don't get confused.
  • Added the ability to ask Elly about the special unmarked chocobar even if you had concluded Venefica's quest, allowing you to still access her reaction scene in this case.


  • Getting 10 panacea's from lucille now works properly instead of exiting the church.
  • Added the scene for if you remove Stella's perk a second time, rather than it breaking the event.
  • Fixed an issue where if you lost to Vili's last battle you could still be considered to be in a stance in your next fight.
  • Fixed a few minor incorrect expression calls with The Tengu and Shizu.
  • Fixed ghosts not orgasming from their special group hit interactions if there was less than 3 of them.
  • Fixed fucking the Toxic Matango then fighting her not putting you into the sex stance in combat.
  • Added a failsafe to Stella's event that will fix it for older saves that somehow had the MetStella choice set to something other than "" or "MetStella" likely due to an old bug. This is what was causing people to enter into her event, then get booted out.
  • When losing to Sofia in the sex stance, you are now properly game overed instead of being casually being sent to town.
  • Imps riding you can now orgasm from recoil damage.
  • The penetration skill now properly has the Penetration skill tag and is correctly calculating damage for a skill of its type.
  • Added a failsafe to stop very specific instances where penetrative damage bonuses could double up.
  • Fixed assorted typos and editing things.

Monday, 2 August 2021

v23.9b Hotfix Change Log

**Remember to update your save in town square.** **Fixes** * Fixed the game crashing on enemy orgasm because I did a stupid.

v23.9a Change Log

Remember to update your save in town square.


  • Some adjustments were made to Awakened Sofia's ass pics to allow for better framing when used in game, and the positioning of them has been changed in game to allow for a better focus on the ass.
  • The loading screen image has been updated with special thanks to Jiffic.


  • Changing Vili's bust size when visiting no longer takes you to the talking menu afterwards.
  • Fixed a broken event call in the Mountain Climb adventure that cause you to get warped into the temple preventing the game from progressing normally.
  • Fixed Stella double charging you for her perk stuff.
  • Fixed the retroactive skill points giving you one extra. If you have said point already it won't be taken away lol.
  • Fixed Stella not showing off her boobs when she should.
  • Stella's scenes now all have proper orgasm calls.
  • Fixed talking to Stella in your room repeating the talk in room intro.
  • Fixed an issue where you could glitch out the retroactive skill points and get basically as much as you wanted.
  • Fixed 'you are no longer charmed' msg being doubled up if you cure it with an item.
  • Elena's art now properly appears when doing Jora's first quest part when she should.
  • When interacting with Stella at home you can no longer use your inventory.
  • Fixed an instance where music in Stella's event wouldn't go back from the loss music when in your room.
  • Fixed Stella acting like she'd seen your dick before even if she had not in some cases.
  • Fixed generic enemies not having 'The' before their name when climaxing and showing spirit loss.
  • Day passing check for Stella's lipstick effect now ticks that down instead of Venefica's milking pet.
  • Assorted typos and editing fixes

Saturday, 31 July 2021

V23.9 Change Log

 #V23.9 Change Log

**Remember to update your save in town square.**


* All of Stella's original content has been gone over and revised. She is the bag mimic. In case you forgot.

* Walking past Stella is no longer always a safe option, and she has new lewd scenes.

* Revised how Stella's temptations are handled when you do pick her up. It is no longer a flat willpower requirement.

* You can take Stella with you, this only allows doing her scenes in your room at this time.

* Indulging too much in Stella's 'service' may have some 'detriments'...

* A bevvy of new content for Selena has been added, and you can now ask to remove her perk, written by Valentin Cognito.


* Mimics and Bag Mimic event have been split into two separate events.


* Vili now has revised art by Otani. She now has 2 new expressions, and a nude variant.

* Vili now has 2 bust sizes you can toggle between either when you first meet her, at the start of her challenge, or in her room.

* Vili tits close up now appears in her Puff Puff Parlor event scene like it was supposed to.

* Stella (the bag mimic) now has art by ADOPOLICH.

* Sofia now has a nude ver for her laid back form. Art by Jiffic. (Not currently used.)

* Sofia now has an Ass focus shot for both of her forms which is used in some of her existing scenes.


* Increased Unbridled Passion's stat requirement to 40 Allure from 20. And Lovers Pasion to 20 from 10.

**Balancing -The following changes have been done to boost early game progression by a decent measure.**

* Lowered the following perks level requirements (Level, not stats): Unbridled Passion(40->20), Ass Handler(20->10), Ass Connoisseur(40->20), Breast Lover(20->10), Breast Expert(40->20), Domineering(40->20), Expert Pacing(40->20), Expert Tongue(20->10), Intimate Lover(20->10), Pussy Lover(40->20), Pussy Pleasurer(20->10), Resistance Training 3(40->20), Resistance Training 2(20->10), Sadistic(20->10), Sensual Lover(40->20), Sex Expert(20->10), Sex Master(40->20), Spiritual Ocean(60->30), Spiritual Reserves(20->10), Spiritual Reservoirs(40->20), Steady Pacing(20->10), Unbounded(20->0)    

* You now get 1 extra perk at lvl 5, 2 at lvl 10, and 2 at lvl 20.(Retroactively given to older saves.)

* Upon Leveling up you now get 3 stat points, up from 2. (Retroactively given to older saves.)

* Giving a free respec ticket to older saves.


* Fixed a new line not occurring in one of the ghost orgasm lines.

* Slightly increased history log spacing.

* Fixed typos and editing things.

* Fixed RequiresLessProgress and RequiresLessProgressFromEvent for menu option calls activating if it equaled the number given as well, instead of being less than the number given.

* Fixed RemoveStatusEffect crashing if used to specify a buff or debuff instead of a normal status effect.

* Fixed issues with InverseRequirement had with RequiresItem and RequiresItemEquipped when displaying what the item was.

* Harpies can no longer sit on your face while making out with you.

* Fixed Aiko not getting naked in her cuddle scene with bed-chan at a certain point.

* Fixed typos and editing things.

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

V23.8b Change Log

#V23.8b Change Log Remember to update your save in town square.

Modding and Systems

  • Added PlayerSpeaksSkill function. Fixed some dialogue lines with the ghosts.


  • Minoni is no longer in the floor.
  • The Manticore addiction event now sets addiction progress back down to 50 instead of reducing it by 50, which should prevent the event from looping again if you turn her down or don't have enough affection with her and get the cure. This should fix that potentiality.
  • Fixed requires skill menu options not showing the skill required when failed.
  • Did some assorted tune ups to the menu function requirements for skills and perks.
  • Fixed multiple ghosts riding you not all being hit by your sex moves in some cases.
  • Fixed typos and editing things.

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

V23.8a Change Log

 **Remember to update your save in town square.**


*Remembered to update the Credits section.  


*Fixed Venefica's Calamity Rush skill crashing the game.

*Fixed Aiko not ending the Titfuck CG in combat when you get out of the stance if you got her to change her body type.

*Fixed "Escape" skill dialogue lines being grabbed and displayed twice.

*Fixed an issue where Aiko's titfuck cg could be slightly misaligned if you entered into her loss scene already in it.

*Fixed the harpy alternative reverse spitroast starter (facesit and sex), Harpy Double Trouble not being usable.

*You can no longer use Pinch Nipples while in the foot job stance like all other breast targeting skills.

*Fixed multiple VFX breaking again, (from another renpy update change, again.(?)), including all the ones for Sofia, Vivian, and Kotone.

*Fixed the Y position of the following characters: Camilla, Awakened Sofia, Galvi, Trisha, Kyra, Gren, Nicci, Selena, Perpetua, Matango, Mika, Jora, Nara, the succubus trio, Minoni, Feng, Kotone, Bed-Chan, Aiko, The oni twins, Kunoichi Trainees, Salarisi, Toxic Matango, Lumiren, and Amy.

*"InverseRequirement" for menu options with perks and skills should now properly display the perk or skill you need to not have.

*"HideMonsterEncounter" now properly works again. Notably it wasn't in Sofia's fight.

*Fixed the holy power option to get Panaceas not working.

*Fixed Ambers intro talk about custom sex toys repeating again if you asked about people in town.

*May have fixed some issues with backgrounds and sleeping and dreams?

*Fixed typos and editing things.

**Modding and Systems**

*ChangeImageFor is going to be depreciated and removed for a lot of reasons, (not right now you have time to move stuff over, just letting you know.) and in accordance the following characters and their content have had "ChangeImageFor" calls swapped to "ChangeImageLayer", "Expression",: Lillian, Ancilla, Imp, Matango, Mimic, Harpy, Kyra/AngryLizard gal, Blue Slime, Elf, Kyra, Lizard Gal, Nicci, Perpetua/perpLvl5.

*If you are using these characters or this system I would recommend shifting over to the proper layer system at minimum by, replacing the name of the layer in the monster file with 'Expression', ctrl-shift-f and replace |f|ChangeImageFor|/| with |f|ChangeImageLayer|/|Expression|/|, and "ChangeImageFor", with "ChangeImageLayer", "Expression",

*At this time those characters still all use the static images they used before, and just use the newer system, overtime I will slowly shift and correct these characters to be fully layered like everyone else.

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

V23.8 Change Log


Remember to update your save in town.

Note: This update will break all mods until those mods get updated to work with the changes made. 


-Aiko now has a titfuck CG by ADOPOLICH which appears in related scenes and her fights. You can configure your character appearance in options once you load your save. Please be sure to give feedback on how you think this cg plays out in the different instances it appears in.

-Beris' art is now in game by Crescentia.

-As noted in a bunch of places below here a lot of infrastructure was added so future erotic cg will take way less time to add now that things are in place.


-Lowered the requirements for the Sleep spell to 20 Int, down from 40. As how the effect works has changed since this was first set up.

-Panacea's via the church statue now cost 2500 to match the item cost.


-You can now buy multiples of some items at once via the church statue. 

-Status effect tool tips now always get cleared when a scene advances.

-Added the option to repeat the learning sewing scenes with Ancilla.

-Added a notificiation in temptation stat checks when you have the max bonus from stats.

-Slightly trimmed down the android build size, by about 11mb, special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.

-On desktop devices there is now a neat loading bar when the game starts up and is loading the games data. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.

-A small database loader tweak that should make the game load slightly faster on pc and about half a second faster on android. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.


-On android status effect tool tips will appear with one tap, then stay on screen, and can be cleared either by hitting the same status effect again, or by advancing the scene.

-On android the game locations when heading out to adventure are now listed in obtained/access order, rather than alphabetical.

Modding and Systems

-Modding example files should now be properly updated, and depreciated ones should now be cleared out. Unless i missed something.

-Did some internal stuff with status effect icons to make them easier to alter or update in the future. Though this doesn't affect modders.

-Added the menu function OverrideOption for additions, which is primarily intended for use with FinalOption to remove a pre-existing scene exit and move it to the bottom when adding content to a menu. May have other niche uses.

-Color shifting for cgs has now been properly set up, using the "Player" field mentioned prior, and setting the difference between body and silhouette via "Player": "Silhouette"

-Added PlayMotionEffectLoop function. This means it will be played every line afterwards until it's told to stop, at this time it doesn't actually make the effect loop on the current screen.

-The motion effect Quake, no longer auto loops, you need to call PlayMotionEffectLoop.

-Added monster line types "UsesMovePre" and "HitWithPre" which are are done prior to  UsesMove and HitWith respectively, this is to sidestep issues with lowhp calls overriding specific effects that should play everytime a certain skill is used, and also allows you to condense combat event or VFX calls or what have you into a single line for that skill. 

-Fixed up Aiko's and Sofia's dialogue lines with "UsesMovePre" and "HitWithPre" so some of her energy and mood mechanics don't get a lil disjointed by low hp dialogue calls.

-To toggle off an image layer you can now put None, instead of "".

-Added "Kiss" to "PlayVisualEffect" options. As it's slightly different than a screen pulse.

-Added "PlayerCurrentEnergyCost" function which drains the players energy based on their currently used skill. This is for use with counters. This was used to fix the ghosts no longer making you use energy for certain skills.

-Added the "AnimateImageLayer" function which allows for simple frame by frame animation, by overriding a layer on a character. (Check the modding documentation for more details.) It currently supports up to 3 layers to be animated, I will likely add more layers. But you can have as many frames as you want.

-Added play "PlayPendulum", and "EndPendulum" vfx functions, taking a speed/length, angle, and image, "PlayPendulum", "5", "60", "pendulumTest.png". This was made as a test more than anything else. The example image in the games folder should be used as an example if you intend to use the function, as the image needs to be the same size and well centred.

-Rehauled "PlayMotionEffect" To a degree, existing uses of this in mods will need to be updated, as the existing: Bounce, SlowBounce, and Sway, have been renamed: ScreenBounce, SlowScreenBounce, and ScreenSway, respectively.

-PlayMotionEffect now has the following options: Bounce, BounceSlow, BounceFast, BounceOnce, Sway, SwaySlow, SwayFast, SwayOnce, Pump, PumpSlow, PumpFast, Ride, RideSlow, RideFast, Vibrate. Which effect characters on screen. Realign can also be called to fix any transforms that can potentially jank out.

-The original effects: ScreenBounce, SlowScreenBounce, ScreenSway, Explosion, LongExplosion, Crash, and Quake. Always effect the entire screen, including UI elements. And still work as before.

-Added "PlayMotionEffectCustom", which I recommend you just read through the modding docs file entry on it to understand. But in short it allows you to apply a customized motion effect to characters, a single character, or even a single part on a character, like their expression. 


-If you don't take the initial sigil of allure from Sofia, game over, then return, her room now properly changes to her background.

-Enemies will now use stunning skills even if you are immune or stunned already, as long as that skill is also an attack and not just a status effect.

-Venefica now actually uses her Calamity Rush skill when wild while in no stance, instead of only using it when you're stunned.

-Player status effect end turn calls like aphrodisiacs wearing off, should no longer be able to be 'spoken' by the monster by accident.

-Fixed Ancilla's Sleeping Thighjob Finisher skill not being used, despite the player being asleep.

-Fixed recoil damage not getting reset by HitPlayerWith, DamagePlayerFromMonster, and DamageMonsterFromMonster, functions, potentially leading to recoil damage being displayed despite there being no recoil damage.

-Fixed Tabitha's convo about her mirror breaking the event. 

-The sleepy perk for monsters now properly increases energy lost from the sleep effect instead of decreasing it, notably on Sofia. 

-The Insomnia rune and Sheepbite Ring now lower the amount of energy you lose from the sleep effect instead of increase it.

-Sleep now properly counts down its turns while in the drowsy state then wears off.

-Elly now only comments on your progress with the sigils and locations during the day. As she's not working at night and isn't thinking about it. This stops a few scene inconsistencies.

-Fixed Elly congratulating you about the store bought candy samples taking you to the raw sample menu afterwards.

-Fixed a small hiccup with FinalOption potentially leaving in duplicates of the option when used.

-Fixed a display error involving stat points gained when you level up multiple times at once, as it only ever said you gained 2, even if you gained more.

-Fixed hiding the UI on the world map showing the stand in background instead of the world map.

-One of Ancilla's sewing options is now INT instead WILL as it was supposed to be, and has also been lowered to 20 from 25.

-Fixed an issue on normal difficulty would cause you to lose 5 max arousal and energy on respec.

-Fixed a missing music change in Mika's butt worship combat event loss.

-Fixed an issue with using the image layer function: "ImageSetDontCarryOver", where it wouldn't initiate some layers and overlays when it should.

-Debuffs from the ApplyStatusEffect and ApplyStatusEffectToMonster functions now always apply, instead of having a chance to fail.

-Fixed a bug that could have ImageSetDontCarryOver keep layer information from earlier uses, meaning when it was used again it would appear on screen despite not intended to be on at the time.

-Fixed an event break letting you get infinite progress with Amy.

-Fixed the Bubble Slime's combat event not calling expression changes correctly in a spot.

-Tabitha's Mirror sex scene now clears arousal and stuff.

-Heather now takes her top off properly in her milk scene. 

-Fixed VFX images that changed mid screen from breaking due to a renpy update change.

-Fixed rematches with Feng not using the proper background.

-May have fixed an issue where the HP/Energy/Spirit display would disappear.

-Fixed unlocking the hidden glade with holy power displaying the initial messages again after purchase.

-Fixed using multiple manticore spikes on yourself in a row not functioning correctly.

-Fixed many typos and editing things.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

V23.7a Change Log

 -Fixed a bug where Tabitha tripping broke one of her menus.

V23.7 Change Log

 Remember to update your save in town.

Note: This update will break all mods until those mods get updated to work with the changes made. 


-Tabitha's art by Jiffic is now in game.

-Bubble Slime's art by Jiffic is now in game.

-Preemptively set up systems for color-shifting the player's art in lewd cgs to come eventually.

-Added a 'Player Appearance' button in options that allows you to adjust the colour of the character for lewd cgs, as those don't exist yet, this is there as a test bed for people to mess with the system. This system is still a work in progress, so things may change. The torso for this was made by ADOPOLICH.


-Exp boost effects are now halved with loss exp effects. To accommodate for them working correctly now.

-Running away is now done in turn initiative, with a massive bonus to going first, this allows monster counters to actually affect your run away attempt as it says in the modding docs.


-If you surrender, you now auto fail stat checks when they pop up, which is to say, they are bypassed entirely and you enter the fail path for them with no chance to spend energy to resist.

-You can now click and drag any scroll bar by clicking/tapping in the box and moving up or down, this doesn't work if you hit any buttons inside the box. This should aid in menu navigation on android especially. So long as you tap right of the combat menu as you drag it will move the most recently opened menu. Special thanks to Noeru.


-Added SetFetish field, which sets a fetish to the value given. This is primarily for resetting addictions, but could be used in other ways. Keep in mind this change is PERMANENT and cant be cleansed at the goddess statue. So be very careful with it.

-Additions have been changed to globally require a related feild, "Addition": "Yes", in the file, instead of the addition field being split across multiple random fields between different file types which should hopefully alleviate confusion. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater. Be sure to update your mods with this!

-Blank examples have been added to all file types, as well as blank addition examples. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.

-GetEventAndIfChoiceIs is now GetEventAndIfChoice for consistency and so I stop typing in the wrong thing causing needless issues. Be sure to update your mods with this!

-The monster line triggers "onOrgasm" and "onEdge" are now "OnOrgasm" and "OnEdge" for consistency with other line triggers. For this and the above you can likely use cntl-shift f to find and mass replace the changes.

-Added the "Player": "Yes", field to pictures in monsters files, to mark the image as the 'player' so it is recoloured via the colour shifting system in lewd scenes. Probably wont be useful to modders overall.

-Completely reorganized the games internal skill folders to be much easier to navigate for both me, and modders alike, as before they were an absolute atrocity when trying to find a skill you wanted as an example.

-RefocusOnInitalMonster to RefocusOnInitialMonster.

-ChangeBGM-OverideCombatMusic to ChangeBGM-OverrideCombatMusic


-Edits and Revisions to Tabitha's scenes by WilliamTheShatner.

-I went over and Edited Galvi's content a bit to make it all flow together a bit better, mostly the intro stuff.

-Assorted typo and editing fixes.


-Fixed Loss Exp and Exp boosting effects stacking incorrectly as all hell.

-Trisha's titfuck combat event now drains your energy and heals her like the stance would if you cum.

-Melting Dark Matter Cascade's hit tracker now resets properly, meaning you wont get slapped with effects despite dodging it.

-Fixed Calamity Rush not clearing its name properly in Venefica's fight.

-Some issues with losing to Aiko and her art displaying incorrectly should now be fixed.

-Fixed Vili and her phantasms battle music, it now plays properly again. And wont crash your game.

-Fixed being unable to talk to Mika about her financial situation in a menu due to an improper menu call.

-Aiko now gets properly naked when you cuddle her and bed-chan at the same time.

-Manticore Spike's can now be used if your opponent is restrained.

-Fixed purging Vili's Curse potentially crashing the game if the value was really high.

-Fixed a weird bug report pathing thingy on android.

Monday, 26 April 2021

V23.6a Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.



-Elly will no longer try to stun Venefica if she's immune to stuns.

-Restraining Venefica now also removes the curse.


-Added some clarity to the curse stages about how to remove it.

-Hopefully made it a bit more clear that you can't explore Venefica's house from the cell if you're too horny.


-Added StopBGMHard function to ensure music stops entirely for certain points. Good for when you want to pause music before calling the same song again, allowing the music to start even if the fade out isn't done yet from a normal call. Or if you want top just hard stop music.


-Slightly renamed the following songs to fix linux crashes due to ascii stuff: 03 illegal invasion.mp3, 07 After the act.mp3, Causing pain.mp3.

-Slightly tweaked the church bg so it should line up better with the UI, and moved the hp/spirit/energy over by like, half a pixel. 

-Venefica should no longer use her anti-elly skill in the solo fight where she holds back. This will also stop returning to church in this fight having elly tag along if Venefica 'took out' Elly with it.

-Fixed a bug that would cause NoEllyLoss to appear on loss, and also ensured the Elly/Lillian scene would always play even if you werent fighting with Elly.

-Surrendering in Venefica's fight now makes all the stat checks get bypassed into failures. I should really look into setting this up as a global feature that doesnt need to be done manually... to a point at least.

-Fixed SemenHeal, SemenAttackBoost, OrgasmEnergyDrain, and SemenEnergyDrain from stacking incorrectly when activated. 

-Fixed OrgasmEnergyDrain and SemenEnergyDrain from never refreshing their numbers correctly, causing certain perks like Sexual Momentum to possibly recover more energy than intended.

-Fixed OrgasmEnergyDrain being triggered even if the target didn't cum, usually through checks via CallMonsterEncounterOrgasmCheck in combat events, this fixes the abnormal amount of energy being regened against Venefica in her fight.

-Fixed Venefica being able to put you into sex, anal, and making out all at once.

-Fixed a number of crashes involving the character menu.

-Umbral Rune now properly gives a 10% magic damage increase instead of 20%. 

-The curse effect should now be properly removed if you lose to Venefica no matter what. I think.

-Fixed LossExp type perks not stacking correctly, using only the last perk of that type instead of adding their power together.

-Fixed Adventurer Meals not barring you from eating more food due to being full of food like a simple meal.

-Fixed Venefica battle music ending at the half way point if you go through the text too fast.

-Counters are no longer called on a skill if the player was rendered unable to use the skill due to a stance change or being out of energy. Eg using make out to break Venefica's lollipop skill but ending up in breast smother no longer removes the lollipop.

-Timed notification like food wearing off should now be reliably triggered shortly after being delayed, such as after a bar shift, or while moving about in an adventure.

-For future updates onwards, provided you get this update or another update after, set up a system to make sure adding new events wont ALWAYS break your position in an event (i think). Mostly a fix for me, but should help modders and game stability if you load out of town, or even IN town.

-Assorted typo and editing fixes.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

V23.6 Change Log - Finally


Remember to update your save in town.


-The Venefica/Elly questline now has a confrontation and conclusion that is unlocked by getting enough evidence for Elly.

-A new Venefica focused dream has been added, written by Valentin Cognito. Becomes available with high affection with Venefica, and having completed at least one of 3 specific conditions with her.


-Amber's revised art is now in game, by Applehead. While yet to be used she now also has these new expressions for later: SmileRelaxed, Shy, Sad, Pleasure Struck, Orgasm, Needy, Excited, Dominant, and Bashful.

-Added the Town Church background to the game. By Houpo.

-Added Sofia's Room Background to the game. By Jiffic.

-Added the basic Bag art into the game. By ADOPOLICH.


-Changed the store music in 'Bon Bon Bun' to something less bombastic.

-Vili's sex scenes when visiting now have background music calls.


-Breast Nuzzle's status effect no longer scales like freaking madness.

-Tweaked sleep and restraint bonuses to applying status effects, and immunity effects, so you can't still apply a status effect despite an immunity being in place.

-Tweaked random loot drops to be a bit more certain to be at least 1, while making 2-3 in one run less likely.


-Long presses on the store buttons to confirm you want to click it no longer makes the phone or device vibrate for no good reason.

-Slightly tweaked some android button sizes to be more clickable.


-Menu addition info in the mod manual has been corrected for clarity, and the addition example in the game files has been split in two.

-Added EmptySpiritCounter function for specific uses when looping orgasm text and displaying spirit lost so it doesn't stack itself in the display.

-Added RemovableEffect perk type that allows the effect to be cleared on use of a panacea(currently just this), or on combat end like NonPersistentEffect.

-Added IfHasPerk option to ChangeStatCheckDifficulty function.

-Added DamageMonsterFromMonster function.


-Fixed hitting monsters with a skill not changing their expression when they use their response line.

-Fixed the Android version crashing when you press a text button on the character stats menu. At least it's fixed on my end now.

-Fixed rare instances where monster name tool tips could stick around after combat.

-Fixed random loot not spawning AT ALL during exploration.

-Fixed Pin (GiveSkillThatWasTemporarilyRemoved/RemoveSkillFromPlayerTemporarily functions) not properly saving data if you saved the game then loaded, removing the skill, this is fixed once you return to town square.

-Quicksaves now go up to 12 like the slots suggest.

-Fixed Sofia defaulting to her first fight even if you beat her on your first visit.

-Fixed one of the temptation scenes in the oni fight scaling with ass instead of breasts.

-StartOfRound and StartOfTurn calls for both monster and events respectively are now called at the very start of combat before the player's turn, this fixes instances like with Rosaura's edging element not functioning properly on the first turn of combat.

-Orgasm event cards are now called right before in combat ejaculation lines, similar to how it works in events, this is for consistency, and to stop some specific calls from not working correctly like PlaySoundEffect in said OrgasmEvent calls.

-Fixed a bug where changing a character's image set wouldn't take into account their image overlays, breaking some images.

-Fixed ApplyStatusEffect and ApplyStatusEffectToMonster function not applying crit buffs or debuffs to the target.

-Assorted typo and editing fixes.